Gofybr Reviews






Name: Tony


Quote;"I'm extremely happy with the results, its definitely improved my confidence"*

Name: Miah


Quote;"My hair loss didn't bother me a great deal before, but Gofybr is an excellent product for a special occasion like a wedding or the such!"*

Name: James 


Quote; "Gofybr has made a massive impact on my personal confidence!"*

Name: Chris


Quote; "I really didn't think I would get such a good result!"

Name: John


Quote; "I'm so happy with the result, i wouldn't leave the house without it on"*

Name: Starki


Quote; "I'm only 27 and it almost killed me to start thinning so early in my life, this product has been a real game changer for me"*

Name: Ebe


Quote; "I'm still in shock, it actually looks like i never lost my hair at all"*

Name: David


Quote; "I didn't realise that i still had hundreds of tiny hairs left for the fibers to actually bond to, I'm still gobsmacked by what can be achieved"

Name: Ali


Quote; "What a wicked product!"*

Name: Norman


Quote; "Neither my partner nor I can believe the difference it makes, this really is a miraculous product!"*

Name: Ibrahim


Quote; "Absolutely blown away with my new look, i didn't think it would work on me!"*




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* These are individual results & may vary from person to person. Please visit our Natural fibers page to see how Gofybr works; Natural Fibers