Hairline Optimizer

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hairline optimizer hair optimizer hairline optimizer tool

Hairline Optimizer

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Hairline Optimizer For Natural Looking Hairline

If you’ve ever wondered how to create that perfect hairline, then look no further! Gofybr’s Hairline Optimizer with its unique tooth-like prongs now allows you to create a seamlessly natural looking hairline, every time! At times when Gofybr is applied, excess fibers can fall over your hairline.

* This product must be purchased along with any size bottle of Gofybr.

The Hairline Optimizer is especially effective for people experiencing a recession on their frontal hairline that wish to achieve that perfect look. By using the Hairline Optimizer you will see a convincing, softer look across your front hairline.  No more unnatural straight lines achieve that soft natural look in seconds.

How To Use

  • Insert Hairline Optimiser into your frontal hairline.
  • Shake Gofybr liberally onto hairline and Optimizer card.
  • Remove Hairline Optimizer
  • Tilt head back & gently pat hair to settle fibers into place.

Hair fiber accessories:

  • Works instantly - 2 minutes in the morning lasts ALL day
  • Undetectable - blends perfectly, it can’t be seen
  • Affordable. Effective. Guaranteed.

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