How it Works?

Gofybr is made from a species of natural plant cotton called; Gossiypium Herbeceum.
Gossipiyum herbeceum or levant cotton as it is better known, is one of the finest & high grade fibers in the world today! It naturally resembles real human hair, making it virtually impossible to detect once applied. Moreover with it's "breathable" structure it allows your hair and scalp to breathe freely through the fibers, rather than smothering it like other conventional wool based products, which can cause your hair to become itchy & even lead to further hair loss!
Gossipiyium herbeceum only grows in a few specific regions around the world where suitable geographical conditions exist. Gofybr is made from a species of Gossipiyum herbeceum that grows in the Taklamakan desert (part of the greater Gobi desert) in the ancient province of Xinjiang in China. It has been cultivated in the region from generation to generation since 700 AD. 
More specifically the arid Taklamakan desert creates the perfect climate of sustained high temperatures (18-36 degrees) for the fibers to grow. The region is surrounded by majestic mountains ranges such as the K2 mountain in the west & the Himilayas in Tibet in the south. These mountains cause large amounts of rainwater to flow into the desert basin, thus permitting life & plants to grow & flourish.
The Taklamakan desert is also classically known as a silk route gateway, connecting ancient China with other trading civilisations such as Persia, India & Egypt. The traditional silk route encompasses both the northern and southern boundaries of the desert & has been at the heart of trade and world commerce for centuries.


Gofybr offers a superior choice of fiber to the conventional wool or other generic fibers that are out there on the market. Unlike other brands that are not cotton based can lead to irritation and even cause your scalp to sweat & feel suffocated. Unlike synthetic materials with heavily laden bulking agents, Gofybr is made from all-natural ingredients. 

We pride ourselves upon only using the finest grade ingredients that make it into our product, as maintaining healthy hair & a health scalp is vital in the fight against hair loss.

Gofybr can be used daily or even applied and left on for days at a time! Even the most sensitive of scalps will be able to experience the joy of Gofybr. That's why we felt the consumer deserved a premium product they could trust!

One of the miraculous things about Gossypium Herbaceum is that when it comes in contact with human hair, the two bond together through a naturally occurring electrostatic charge. This can be explained by the effect of the Triboelectric Series, an example of this is when two opposing magnets (one positive & the other negative) naturally attract one another and interlock. The same is true with other materials that have positive and negative electric charges.
Materials are usually listed by their polarity of charge. Hair produces a mild positive charge, while Gossypium Herbaceum produces a mild negative charge and hence the two work in unison together to bond. 
This is the reason why other non-cotton based fibers will leave your pillow looking like you've dyed it a different colour, because the fibers simply do not bond as effectively. One of the important guidelines to follow when applying Gofybr is that you ensure your hair has been washed and sufficiently dried before applying the fibers, as any barrier created between the fibers and your hair follicles such as grease or moisture will naturally reduce the bonding effect.

The results have changed the lives of thousands of people around the world! Gofybr is a unisex product & is suitable for both men and women with all types of thinning hair. Before any job interview or first date, one has to look their best & great hair makes a great first impression in any situation. No matter what your condition, if you are concerned about visible hair loss, Gofybr will change the way you feel about yourself every time you look in the mirror. Gofybr offers the perfect solution to thinning or tired looking hair in an instant!


What is Gossypium Herbaceum?

Gossypium Herbaceum is a plant based fiber that closely resembles real human hair, thus making it the perfect ingredient for the Gofybr product range & is highly effective in helping to volumise thinning or dull looking hair. 

How is it processed?

Gofybr is made from 100% Organic Gossypium Herbaceum & through sustainable methods of crop cultivation & harvesting, each individual module of cotton is hand picked to ensure only the highest grade ingredients make it into every bottle of Gofybr.

How does it work?

Gofybr is simply sprinkled on to the required area of the scalp and the micro fibers naturally bind to existing hair follicles adding instant volume and thickness to the scalp.

Does Gofybr re-grow your hair?

No, Gofybr acts as a volumizer for miniaturised hair strands by attaching to existing hair to build volume & coverage. Gofybr does not address hair loss at its root cause, but does offer an excellent remedy to the problem.

Is Gofybr kind to your scalp?

Gofybr is free of any harsh chemicals or irritant dyes & is designed to be used daily.



Gofybr stays in place all day even through wind, rain or perspiration. No one will know you're using Gofybr unless you tell them. With 10 natural colours, Gofybr effortlessly matches in with your natural hair colour. Even in the most trying conditions, Gofybr doesn't run in rain or with perspiration. Simply wash out Gofybr with shampoo to remove.


Instructions on how to apply Gofybr;

Step 1: Wash & dry hair thoroughly before applying Gofybr. Note: Oily/ greasy hair can cause a barrier & inhibit the effectiveness of the bond between the hair follicle and Gofybr.

Step 2: After your hair is completely dry, simply shake Gofybr liberally over thinning areas of the scalp. Remember to hold the bottle about 1-3 inches away from the scalp & position the bottle at a 45 degree angle to ensure the fibers flow freely from the bottle. (If you try to shake Gofybr while the bottle is held vertically it may cause the fibers to get stuck momentarily in the bottle, simply hold the bottle at a 45 degree angle to re-apply)

Step 3: Ensure all areas are adequately covered & gently pat the fibers into place.

Step 4: Apply Fiberhold spray (optional) to create an additional bond. Hold bottle 8-10 inches away from the scalp and spray 1-3 times to disperse Fiberhold spray.

Step 5: Enjoy your day with Confidence!

*Sometimes it may take a few attempts (few applications) before you gain a mastery in applying Gofybr.

* To remove simply wash out with warm water and shampoo.

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