11 hair loss hacks that you need to know about!

It’s a sad fact of life, but close to 50% of us will experience some form of hair loss by the time we’re 40. Don’t fret, though. Even if hair loss has already hit home hard, there are a couple of tricks you can keep tucked up your sleeve to work around it. 

Introducing - 11 hair loss hacks that you need to know about. We’ve got your back.

1) Keep that skin exfoliated

The buildup of shampoos and conditioners on your scalp can irritate your hair follicles. Try removing them with a gentle cleanser to reduce your hair loss.


2) Invest in sulfate-free shampoo

As far as ingredients go, sulphate is a big no-no. Commonly featured in cheaper brands, it’s a chemical used to produce suds and it’s really, really harsh on the skin. Look for an alternative product and receive a big thank you from your hair.

3) Brush that hair gently

Although this isn’t going to prevent hair loss, being a bit kinder with that brush is certainly going to reduce the amount that falls out. It’s a short-term strategy, but whilst you’re exploring the other options it’s something to consider.

4) Check up on your hormone levels

Excess hormones have a whole lot of functions, but keeping hair on your head isn’t one of them. In fact, an overabundance of testosterone actually reduces the size and strength of hairs. If you’re concerned about this, it might be worth paying your doctor a visit. 

5) Reduce your skin inflammation

Harsh products and over-brushing can result in skin inflammation, which is bad news for you and your hair. 

Other more serious conditions such as alopecia can even have far more detrimental effects. If you’re concerned about scalp inflammation, speak with your doctor to get some anti-inflammatories prescribed - stat. 

6) Get your Vitamin D dose

Your skin produces it when in contact with sunlight and it’s responsible for protein production. It’s vitamin D. A deficiency of it, however, can result in reduced hair growth. If you can’t work it into your diet naturally, it might be worth investigating some high quality supplements.

7) Enjoy a healthy diet

In fact, eating a rounded diet is going to do you a tonne of favours. You can incorporate vitamin D into your daily meals, whilst getting natural sources of protein, nutrients and carbohydrates. Hair is over 80% protein, so it’s pretty important to promoting steady growth and overall health.


8) Get more sleep

We know - easier said than done. For the hair-loss male on a busy schedule, though, it should definitely be a point of focus. Hair loss and sleep go hand in hand, so lay off the afternoon coffees and catch some more zzz’s. 

9) Give swimming a miss


Exercise is important to hair growth, but if you’re losing hair left, right, and centre, chlorine won’t be helping you out. Try swapping out swimming for other cardiovascular exercises such as HIIT training for a few weeks and note any differences. 


10) Exercised? Grab a shower

Surprisingly, sweat can actually influence hair loss. By building up on your scalp, it can actually block already-weak hair follicles from growing.


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