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Based on the answers of your test we can conclude that you have some positive characteristics that would make you a good candidate for Gofybr, however some answers also indicate you have experienced advanced hair thinning in other areas of your scalp!

You may still be a good candidate for Gofybr, but we would like to further clarify this by asking you to send in a picture so we can assess your case. A simple selfie should suffice and we would soon be able to inform you whether you would be a good candidate for using Gofybr.

For a full assessment your welcome to email your pictures into; selfie@gofybr.com

Or alternatively your eligibale to try a free sample of Gofybr!

Your Hair Characteristics;

Based on your answers your hair matches the following characteristics;

1. Norwood scale; Your hair registers between a 3-6 on the Norwood hair loss scale & is typically considered as a medium to advanced degree of thinning (*The Norwood Scale is a set of images that depict the different stages of hair loss originally developed by Dr. O’Tar Norwood)

2. Volume: Although you have some thinning hair, you still have a moderate degree of hair follicles present. We would estimate between 35-65%, which is a reasonable ratio for Gofybr to be effective.

3. Density: based on your answers the general density of your hair strands appears to be of a low to medium density.  



We would recommend that you maybe a good candiate to use Gofybr, but your case will require further calification to assess your suitable.

 For a full assessment your welcome to email your pictures into us at; selfie@gofybr.com

 And we would be happy to offer you a personal assessment of your case.

 Or alternatively if you feel Gofybr would work for you, your welcome to try a free sample;

 Simply click the “free sample” icon below & select the appropriate colour to match your hair. The sample bottle provides 30 applications or 30 days use of Gofybr. We understand sometimes seeing is believing so we want to reduce all risk for you to try a bottle & offer the bottle for ZERO cost to yourself! There’s a minimum shipping fee for the sample bottle which is calculated at checkout based upon your shipping location.

Your eligibale to claim a free sample of Gofybr!

 We have limited stock available of our sample bottles and we enforce a strict 1 bottle per customer policy to ensure we don’t run out of stock!


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