I had just turned 26. I proposed marriage. She said yes.

Then suddenly, it hit me.

I was losing more hair every day. By our wedding day in a year -- I could be walking down the aisle bald.

That reality hit me -- hard.

Just about every man in my family had lost their hair -- I knew what was coming -- but thinking about being bald on my wedding day? It was a massive blow to my self-confidence... And, it was my wake-up call. Not knowing what to do, I decided to control what I could. I started working out, getting in great shape, trying to make up for looking older than I really was.

Year 2007

Until you start losing your hair? You just don’t realize how important it is to your self-esteem.

I’d look in the mirror and the guy reflected back DID NOT look like me anymore. I knew I had to take control of the situation, so it didn’t control me.

Not knowing what else to do, I cut my hair super short. It was a little better, but I’d look in the mirror in the morning and get bummed out all over again.

Over three years, I lost three inches off my hairline and my crown looked like a mess. It’s hard to understand if you haven’t experienced it yourself. It’s devastating. It’s easier to throw on a cap and avoid the issue.

Until you start losing your hair

Year 2010

Frustrated with my looks and lack of confidence, I was always looking for solutions. I started researching surgery while my credit card took a beating - I tried every lotion and potion I could find. Nothing really worked.

I eventually had hair transplant surgery and initially, I was reasonably satisfied with the results.

Guys I knew with thinning hair started asking questions about the surgery. We’d start talking and they would confide in me. Most felt insecure, unhappy about balding.

They worried about their careers and dating - they felt unattractive and ignored. They were telling me everything I had been thinking. It was a huge eye-opener for me to know so many other guys felt the same way I did.

I had done so much research and talked to so many clinics and potential patients that it was a natural fit to become a patient coordinator for a number of hair transplant clinics. In the process I decided to have a second surgery -- I was still losing hair.

I was still losing hair

Year 2011

Determined to conquer my hair loss, I had a second surgery. Even after that, my “non-transplanted” hair was still falling out. All that time and money invested and I was still thinking about my hair all the time. I was still lacking confidence. And, still searching for a solution.

I had already decided against medications, I wasn’t up for the side effects -- especially when it comes to my sexual health and libido. Hair growth drugs can negatively impact testosterone production and cause you to lose interest in sex (wow, get me some of that. NOT!).

I was still shelling out money for hair loss products and I still wasn’t thrilled with the results. I tired spray cans, concealers and they didn’t look natural.

Other products made of keratin and/or wool don’t let your scalp breathe and can be itchy and uncomfortable. And, if that’s not bad enough? Using them can lead to more hair loss! Not. What. I. Wanted. from a hair product!

Determined to conquer my hair loss

Year 2012

I’ve always been a super positive and upbeat guy. I tend to look for solutions instead of complaining about problems. I found myself thinking more and more about creating a product myself. If there was nothing on the market and I knew so many guys felt like I did… I was motivated. I felt like I could make an impact.

What if I could help people suffering from thinning hair? Give guys like me back their self-esteem without surgery or risky meds? I started a research quest that lead me to finding one of the finest high-grade fibers in the world. It’s a species of cotton plant only grown in certain regions of the world - and it became the base of Gofybr.

Here’s a video of my thinning hair after two hair transplants.


Like a lot of guys, I’ve had multiple hair transplant surgeries. Not only is surgery astronomically expensive -- there’s a L O N G wait -- 5-9 months while your new hair follicles grow and develop.

And, you can experience further hair loss during that window. Many of us do.

That’s what motivated me to find another solution, one that could be used successfully by anyone, at any age, at any stage of hair loss. It was a rigorous process. I put together a team of experts. We started by searching for the right fiber. It needed to be able to:

Reproduce thick hair while staying adhered

Hold up to weather so it could be worn outside with confidence

Be comfortable enough to use every single day

Not cause further hair loss

Adapt to various color shades without running or fading

Be natural and cause no harm

Be simple to use and easy to apply (by yourself, with no need for help)

Ideally, it would affordable (we got that handled)

It was a long and sometimes frustrating process -- we’d invest time tracking down, formulating and testing what turned out to be totally useless materials. It was all worth it -- our persistence resulted in an incredible product that meets all our criteria.

Gofybr is 100% natural, it’s undetectable by the eye and it makes you look like you have a thick, full head of hair.

full head of hair story
full head of hair story 3
full head of hair story 4
gofybr happy heads video 10
full head of hair story 6
gofybr happy heads video 14
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gofybr happy heads video 5
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gofybr happy heads video 12
full head of hair story 12
gofybr happy heads video 3
full head of hair story 14
full head of hair story 15


When I started on the quest to get my confidence back and disguise my balding, I had no idea I would go on to help so many people all around the globe feel better about themselves.

I’m overwhelmed by the stories of transformation. By the genuine thanks I get from guys almost every single day.

It’s hard to believe you can completely change your life and your entire attitude including the way you feel about yourself - from one little (inexpensive!) bottle of cotton fibers.

Gofybr flat-out works. So many guys tell me they never leave the house without it. It really is Confidence in a Bottle.

If you have thinning hair and have ever felt self-conscious, unattractive, old before your time or just plain fed up with your looks - I’m here to tell you there’s a simple solution. Seeing is believing - give yourself the gift of a free bottle of Gofybr today.

James Crowley
Gofybr co-founder


gofybr happy heads video 5

Regain Your Confidence!

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What we believe

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When you’re experiencing hair loss — every glance in the mirror can deliver a blow to your confidence. Somehow, what you see reflected back doesn’t look — or feel — like the real you.

It’s unnerving. We get it (been there!).

You don’t need to miss out on all the best life has to offer because of self-consciousness — not anymore.

Gofybr is your ideal solution for appearing like you have a full, healthy head of hair — a completely natural look. When you look like yourself, you feel like you. It’s a relief.

Our belief is simple: Happy Heads Make Happy People!

Make Gofybr your secret weapon — no one will know you look so good because you’re using the premium hair building fiber.

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