Are you losing your hair? 5 key signs that you shouldn’t ignore

Sure, hair loss is a part of life that will get the best of most of us eventually. Unfortunately, the majority of men wait until it’s too late before taking action against it.

You don’t have to stand and watch that beautiful head of hair go down the drain. In this article, we’re going to show you the 5 key signs of hair loss, so you can do something about it.


1) A visible scalp

Can you see the base of your scalp? Sure, if you’ve got shorter hair this might always have been possible, but for the longer-haired gentlemen among us, a visible scalp can be a sure sign of hair thinning. 

If your scalp is popping out between the hairs on your head, it might be time to consider a hair treatment or making some changes to your grooming routine. 

2) Hair leaving your head in clumps

Is your hair loss gradual, or is it coming out in sizeable chunks at a time? If it’s the latter of these two, then it could be a subtle indicator that your hair loss doesn’t have any plans on stopping. 

Test it out for yourself by running a hand through your hair - are large amounts coming out at one time? If yes, then alarms should be sounding.

3) Bald patches

It might seem like a given, but most people don’t actually notice bald patches when they start to appear. If you’re experiencing continued hair loss, check out your scalp to see if it’s concentrated to specific areas. 

If it is, you don’t want to ignore it. Take what steps you need to to slow down hair loss or reduce its visibility. 

4) Hair loss - elsewhere

Surprisingly, your hair loss might not actually be confined to the top of your head only. Some conditions or medical treatments can lead to the loss of hair all over your body, so if you notice this, it might be worth looking into the side effects of the pills you’re popping.

Although hair will grow back in the vast majority of these cases, it’s still not something you want to ignore. Nobody needs the extra stress of shedding hair like a labrador in June. 


5) Gradual thinning of your hair

This is by far the most common sign that you’re losing your hair and it will affect over 40% of men in their lifetime. Typically, men will start to see their hairlines recede from their forehead, forming an ‘M’ shape as it works its way back. 

This type of hair loss is mostly genetic and the biology behind it isn’t really understood, so unfortunately, it’s pretty inevitable. 


There are, however, a few ports of call for slowing down or covering up the hair loss you’re experiencing, such as GoFybr. GoFybr is comprised of hair building fibers formed from high-quality cotton that bonds with your existing hair and scalp, forming a realistic coating that blends completely naturally. 

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