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Name: GoFyberLiveFyber


Quote: "Gofybr gave me the right confidence I needed in my life. I was being told by everyone that I have no hair left anymore. The same people are wondering where my hair came back from? Gofybr adds the good amount of value into my life!"


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Name: BDXX


Quote: "I'm slowly starting to lose my hair and Gofybr really helps with covering the spots with thinner hair. I love this product so much, and I'm so happy I found it on the internet."


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Name: Gofybr Greatest Fan


Quote: "My experience of using Gofybr is amazing, as I have got my confidence back after using Gofybr. This magical product has changed my life very positively, as now I am a better human being, better employee and a very good family person. "


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Name: JB

Quote: "I love the confidence gofybr gives me. I was burned as an infant and suffered 3rd degree burns to 35% of my body - including my scalp. My bald spots have always bothered me and as I get older and my hair thins it is harder to camouflage. I had hair transplants as a child, yet they are thinking as well. Having had surgeries most of my life and not wanting more, I was excited to be turned on to your product."


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Name: CDXX

Quote: "I first came accross Gofybr over 1 and half years ago and Thank Goodness I did I absolutely love the product Great value for money and works, it makes my hair look thicker and with added volume and takes away my bald spots. I was trying everything before I came accross Gofybr everything I could think off to improve the appearance of my thinning hair with out any positive results for eg onion oil, Regaine, supplements without any positive results.  I spoke with James who gave me indepth information regarding Gofybr and I haven't looked back since. It has really improved my self esteem and confidence, not having to worry about people looking at my thinning hair or bald spots at the age of 30. Once again Thank You Gofybr 


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Name: Mr 50ish

Quote: "This product is truly amazing! I get the concept but I have no idea how it works so well and looks so natural, you really have to try it to understand."


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Name: SXXX

Quote: "Yes i have an impeccable hairline and my friends always tell me “DUDE your hair is on point!” But one thing that always bothers me and brings down my self esteem down is the thinning of hair around the crown. Since spotting this product and decided to try them out i have had better self esteem and could walk around without worrying about the back of my head! I have since ordered 4 bottles already since discovering the product! NO ONE EVEN KNOWS!" 


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Name: C-Spicy

Quote: "I started developing a bald spot when I was 16 and was always concerned with my hair. Ever since I've found Gofybr I haven't had a worry since."


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Name: MySelfie

Quote: "Thank you and God bless u all"


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Name: SPXX


"I would like to share one of my experiences with gofybr-hair builders. Then I will write my review on this product.

"Sukumar is one of my friends for whom I ordered the product challenging him and asking him to pay the money only if he thinks the product gave him what he expected. Today including him 3 of my friends use this product. At first my friend didn't believe what I showed him. He was like you are a photographer so you might have edited your image. Then I sent him the videos of YouTube relating to Gofybr, he was still wondering how can that be possible that too in few minutes. Then the same day we met in the night approximately 9:30PM at his place, I asked him to sit in front of a mirror & close his eyes for 5 minutes and I applied the product on his bald part on head as per the instructions I have gone through earlier and in not more than 5 minutes he was so surprised that he asked me to order one for him too."

Hello ? this is XXXXXXXXXXX sharing his review on the Gofybr - hair building fibers

Starting with the tag line I would like to say "Gofybr is the revolution of hair building fibers". I came to know about the product on random Google search, then when I visited the website I felt this must be fake advertising, decided to read reviews felt like ordering it after considering so many other researchs. Let me tell you first I have spent thousands and thousands of rupees for my hair treatment which never gave me proper results. So I just wanted to give it a try on this gofybr. So I placed an order for the product, it took approx 15-20 days to reach my address in Hyderabad, India. The very first time I was so excited and used the product in very next morning itself. After applying gofybr, my hair looked bold, thick and my baldness was completely covered and I was like wow, I still look good I gained lots of confidence and asked my parents if they noticed any change in me. They were amazed to see my grown hair and happy too. Even I met my friends and they were like how come you got so much hair in a day. Then I explained them about the product and it also didn't have any side affects as its just a hair building fiber, and also I mentioned them it goes off with one wash only. Then I used the product only occasionally for some marriage functions or social gathering or parties or my photoshoots. Later I started using it daily. Now I show off my hair as I used to do when I had no baldness. I would like to thank gofybr for getting my hair as well as confidence back, thanks for the revolutionary product."


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Name: Barcelona 

Quote: "I started balding when I was 20. My confidence was really crushed and I didn't have money or energy to try all these products.. + many of them can have serious and permanent side-effects. I found Gofybr and it works fantastic! As you can see my hair looks thick and healthy! I love it!"


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Name: TMXX

Quote: "I've spent years feeling insecure about my hair loss, wearing hats and doing all I could to hide my head from the world.  This product has given me the confidence to go out again without fear of people looking at my hair and thinking less of me.  Thank you for helping restore my sense of personal pride and giving me the opportunity to feel normal again!  I'm incredibly blessed to have found such a wonderful product!"


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Name: PXXX

Quote: "I think the transformation was pretty damn amazing really! I would definitely recommend Gofybr to all my friends "

* PXXX originally participated in our public demonstration video, but asked if his pictures could be entered into the competition.


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Name: PPXX

Quote: "An absolutely saviour for my hairline"


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Name: Tyler

Quote: "I never knew this was even possible without a hair transplant"


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Name: YTXX

Quote: -


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Name: RJXX

Quote: "I literally cannot live without Gofybr it's changed my life and made me a lot confident again."


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Quote: "I started to use this product two months ago and am extremely satisfied with the results. I was stunned to see my head back with full natural looking hair. Many were surprised to look at my bald spot covered with hair. It worked so fine that no one could spot the difference. Once again thank you Gofybr for restoring my confidence!"


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Quote: "yes u can use my images"


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Quote: "I was 18 years old when I rapidly started to lose almost all of my hair on the top of the head! It came as a shock to me, to be that young and to lose all of my hair. With my hair day by day I begun to lose my confidence and my self. I didn't recognised the person I saw every day in the mirror. My lose of hair had severe impact on my dating life, I didn't walked out in to the street without a hat or cap for about 7 years, until I randomly came across Gofybr on the YouTube. My life was changed in every possible way!!!! It has been now 5 months, I am daily using Gofybr, today  I a have a new Job and a girl fried :) immense thanks to Gofybr!!!!"


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Name: Issacsmiracle

Quote: "Gofybr literally changed my life in a matter of seconds,I went from always having to wear a hat outside to proudly strutting what I've got. After I thought the only way I can get my confidence back was through a $10,000 hair transplant,along comes gofybr,my personal Messiah. You guys are incredible!"


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Name: Pixydust

Quote: "What a difference this product makes to my image, words can't describe. I've had two hair transplants and couldn't entertain the idea of having another one, so Gofybr really does save my bacon"


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Quote: "I didn't believe the claims at first as I tend to be skeptical. Especially when things seem too good to be true. Gofyber has not only exceeded my expectations but given me my confidence back. "


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Quote: "Gofybr is soooo great it is the best hair cover that I have ever used! Happy that I found this product. In just seconds it gives you a full head of hair really is truely amazing. Even close up people cant tell the difference. Transforms from just a few hairs to thousands as you can see from the pictures, makes me look years younger. HUGE thanks to Gofybr team for producing this terrific hair cover. I have much more confidence going out in public and my wife loves it toooo!!! Thanks again and again:))))"


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Name: Freedom

Quote: "I believe the day I discovered Gofybr was the start of my Freedom."


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Quote: "The use of Gofybr has helped me gain my confidence back. I can comfortable turn my back towards the students when teaching a class without the thought of them looking at my bald spot. Thank you Gofybr. Great price. Great product. Gofybr is part of my everyday morning routine. "


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There's still time to enter your selfie;

Simply send us a good before and after picture and a sentence or two about your experience using Gofybr & you will automatically be entered to WIN a 1 years supply of Gofybr.

All entries can be submitted to;

The competition closes on the 15th of November 2016 & the WINNERS will be announced shortly after. 5 runners up will also win a 60 day supply of Gofybr. If you have already submitted a picture before then don't worry, you can send in new pictures! We never get fed up of seeing amazing Gofybr transformations. 

Just to summarize, we need the following;

  1. A good before & after picture (You can provide more than 2 pictures if you like.)
  2. A few words about your experience.
  3. An Alias for your entry, as the competition is completely anonymous. You can use any name or title you wish (e.g Gofybr Fan, Ceaser123....hairyharry the choice is yours!)

Also don't forget to share your favourite selfie on social media by double clicking the "like" button!

Best of luck to all those that enter, the winner will be announced on the 20th of November!



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