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With Gofybr, you'll look and feel like you have a full head of hair.
Ready for the confidence and swagger that goes with it?

How to Apply Gofybr

Steps to Apply

1.Wash & dry hair thoroughly before applying Gofybr.

2.After your hair is completely dry, simply shake Gofybr liberally over thinning areas of the scalp.

3.Ensure all areas are adequately covered & gently pat the fibers into place.

4.Apply Fiberhold spray (optional) to create an additional bond.

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I normally don't go out of my way to recommend companies or anything like that. I started losing my hair when i was 18 & i was always incredibly self-conscious about it & i found this product and i was able to make it look like i got a full head of hair.


ADAM from Hungary

I was initially sceptical, but i ordered a free sample. I was really surprised when tried it. I was really's a really great product.

ADAM from Hungary

Simon From UK

“Everyday i used to go out wearing a cap,because my thinning hair was just too embarrassing for me, but now i use Gofybr and my life is so much better…”

Simon From UK


No more glances at your hairline, comments, or mistaking you for someone ten years older. That. Ends. Here. With Gofybr!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be obvious to others that I’m using Gofybr?

Gofybr is impossible to see. Once it blends with, and adheres to your hair, it’s like it disappears. It’ll be your secret - and yours alone, because Gofybr is 100% undetectable. You can style your hair,... Read more»

Will Gofybr stay on my hair or can it fall out?

Apply Gofybr following our simple instructions (basically: apply to a clean, dry scalp) and it will stay adhered to your hair until you decide to wash it out. And, Gofybr is wind, sweat and rain resistant.... Read more»

Can I comb my hair after applying Gofybr?

Yes, you can! For best results, dry and style your hair before applying Gofybr. Best to use a wide toothed comb. You can also pat your hair into place and loosely style with your fingers. Take... Read more»

Does Gofybr change normal hair growth pattern?

Not at all. Gofybr is not a hair growth medicine or drug. Made from natural cotton fibers, it does not promote or slow down normal hair growth. It does allow your hair to breathe however which... Read more»

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