Competition WINNERS!!

Thank you to all those that entered their pictures! Unfortunately there could only be one ultimate winner of the years supply & 5 runners up! The whole team at Gofybr was overwhelmed by the positive response and heartfelt testimonials we received. Congratulations to "GoFyberLiveFyber " for entering the winning selfie & a big shout out to; MAXXX, BRILLLLL!!, Gofybr Greatest Fan, CDXX & JB for being voted as runners up!

The WINNER is:

Name: GoFyberLiveFyber 

Quote: "Gofybr gave me the right confidence I needed in my life. I was being told by everyone that I have no hair left anymore. The same people are wondering where my hair came back from? Gofybr adds the good amount of value into my life!"


5 Competition Runners Up

1. Name: MAXXX

Quote: "I was 18 years old when I rapidly started to lose almost all of my hair on the top of the head! It came as a shock to me, to be that young and to lose all of my hair. With my hair day by day I begun to lose my confidence and my self. I didn't recognised the person I saw every day in the mirror. My lose of hair had severe impact on my dating life, I didn't walked out in to the street without a hat or cap for about 7 years, until I randomly came across Gofybr on the YouTube. My life was changed in every possible way!!!! It has been now 5 months, I am daily using Gofybr, today  I a have a new Job and a girl fried :) immense thanks to Gofybr!!!!"

2. Name: BRILLLLL!!

Quote: "Gofybr is soooo great it is the best hair cover that I have ever used! Happy that I found this product. In just seconds it gives you a full head of hair really is truely amazing. Even close up people cant tell the difference. Transforms from just a few hairs to thousands as you can see from the pictures, makes me look years younger. HUGE thanks to Gofybr team for producing this terrific hair cover. I have much more confidence going out in public and my wife loves it toooo!!! Thanks again and again:))))"

3. Name: Gofybr Greatest Fan

Quote: "My experience of using Gofybr is amazing, as I have got my confidence back after using Gofybr. This magical product has changed my life very positively, as now I am a better human being, better employee and a very good family person. "

4. Name: CDXX

Quote: "I first came accross Gofybr over 1 and half years ago and Thank Goodness I did I absolutely love the product Great value for money and works, it makes my hair look thicker and with added volume and takes away my bald spots. I was trying everything before I came accross Gofybr everything I could think off to improve the appearance of my thinning hair with out any positive results for eg onion oil, Regaine, supplements without any positive results.  I spoke with James who gave me indepth information regarding Gofybr and I haven't looked back since. It has really improved my self esteem and confidence, not having to worry about people looking at my thinning hair or bald spots at the age of 30. Once again Thank You Gofybr 

5. Name: JB

Quote: "I love the confidence gofybr gives me. I was burned as an infant and suffered 3rd degree burns to 35% of my body - including my scalp. My bald spots have always bothered me and as I get older and my hair thins it is harder to camouflage. I had hair transplants as a child, yet they are thinking as well. Having had surgeries most of my life and not wanting more, I was excited to be turned on to your product."


Thank you once again for your participation!

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