How long does it take to apply Gofybr?
It can take from a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of thinning area and your skill level. You will get better at applying Gofybr after a few uses.

How long does one application last?
Each application can last for days until you decide to remove it by shampooing your hair.

Do I need special shampoo to remove Gofybr?
No, you can use regular shampoo.

Can others tell I am using Gofybr?
No, Gofybr is completely undetectable & looks just like normal hair. After Gofybr has been applied it will feel & look just like natural hair!

Will Gofybr work if I have lost most of my hair?
Gofybr will work on any degree of hair loss even a Norwood scale 7, providing there are still some fine hairs present on the scalp. All hairs go through a process of miniaturisation before they finally fall out & Gofybr works by binding to existing fine hairs and adds density to give a full look of coverage.

Will Gofybr fall out?
No, not if you apply Gofybr to a dry, clean scalp as instructed, it will not fall out!
Gofybr is wind, sweat and rain resistant!

Does Gofybr run if I have an intense workout and perspire?
No, Gofybr is completely resistant to running on the scalp when wet!

Will I be left with a coloured pillow case in the morning after using Gofybr?
Gofybr differentiates itself from other generic brands on the market by binding to existing hair strands tightly and does not easily brush out after application, simple shampoo Gofybr out after use.

Can I use Gofybr by myself or do I need someone to help apply it?
Self application is simple! You can apply Gofybr by gently shaking on the fibers in the required areas. We recommend when applying Gofybr to the crown to use a second mirror for extra visibility and ensure all areas are adequately covered.

How long does one bottle of Gofybr last?
Depending on the size of the thinning area, the 12.5g bottle will last approximately 20-35 days.

Can Gofybr be used with any hair type or thickness?
Gofybr works on a variety of different hair types from coarse to very fine hair.

What is the minimum hair length for it to work?
For best results, we recommend 0.5 inch (1 -2 cm) or longer. Gofybr will NOT work on shaven heads!

Does Gofybr stain?
Absolutely not. Gofybr is 100% colourfast, it does not stain clothes, bed linen or your scalp. If the fibers accidentally drop onto a surface, simply dust them off.


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Can I comb my hair after applying Gofybr?
Yes. For best results, you should dry and style your hair before applying Gofybr. However you can still comb your hair afterwards, just use a wide toothed comb. You can also use your hand and fingers to pat your hair into place.

How do I use Gofybr and Minoxidil at the same time?
Apply Minoxidil (or any topical treatment) first, then wait for your scalp to dry completely before applying Gofybr.

What about Propecia? Can I continue to take it while using Gofybr?
Absolutely. Gofybr does not interfere with Propecia whatsoever.

Can I use hairspray, hair gels or hair oil?

Hairspray - use it AFTER Gofybr.

Hair gels - wait for hair gel to dry BEFORE applying Gofybr.

Hair Oils - hair oil is best used BEFORE using Gofybr and allowed to be absorbed & dry first!

Does Gofybr change normal hair growth pattern?
No. Gofybr is not a hair growth medicine or drug, it consists of natural Cotton fibers, it does not promote or slow down normal hair growth.

Does it work for women?
Gofybr is equally effective for women as for men.

How many colors are available?
Gofybr offers 10 colourings. 

How about if I can't find a good colour match?
We recommend you simply order the two nearest colours that match your hair colouring and mix the fibers until you find the right match.

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