How Gofybr Works for You

Gofybr is made from a species of natural plant cotton called: Gossiypium Herbeceum.

Gofybr is made from one of the finest, high-grade fibers in the world — levant cotton. Only grown in very specific regions where conditions are optimal, Gofybr uses a species of cotton called Gossypium Herbaceum — grown in the Taklamakan Desert — a section of the Gobi desert where this cotton has been cultivated since 700 AD.

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Levant cotton closely resembles human hair, making it virtually impossible to detect once applied. It has a breathable structure — so it’s comfortable and safe for your hair and scalp.

During our research, we discovered conventional wool-based products can “smother” your scalp — making you itch and possibly leading to further hair loss. Cotton breathes making it comfortable and long-lasting — it’s the perfect material.

We offer ten specially blended colours so you get a perfect, undetectable, natural-looking match to your hair colour.

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The Gossypium Herbaceum used in Gofybr comes from the Taklamakan desert — known known as a silk route gateway, connecting ancient China with early trading civilisations like Persia, India and Egypt.

The cotton we source is grown using sustainable methods of crop cultivation and harvesting. In fact, each individual ball of cotton is hand-picked. This ensures only the highest grade makes it into every bottle of Gofybr.

Gofybr - Taklamakan desert

For your scalp to stay healthy, it has to breath. Conventional fibers and unnatural bulking agents used in many products can irritate your scalp, causing it to sweat and feel “suffocated” — uncomfortable at best, and harmful at worst.

We use only the best quality natural ingredients.

We know for a fact: maintaining healthy hair and a healthy scalp are vital in your fight against hair loss. That’s why...

You can comfortably and reliably use Gofybr every day. You can even leave it on for days at a time — even if your scalp is sensitive.

If you want a premium product you can trust — order your free sample of Gofybr today!

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How it works

Gofybr - how it works

Every material has a “polarity of charge” that falls in a range from positive to negative. Think of a magnet and how opposites charges attract — and the same charges repel. This charge is referred to as effect of the Triboelectric Series.

Your hair has a mild positive charge. Gossypium Herbaceum has a mild negative charge. When you put them in contact with one another and create a bit of friction by rubbing or patting your hair?

Gofybr - how it works

The two fibers — your hair and Gofybr — bond together and HOLD.

Because of the firm hold, you won’t find fibers falling out, or colour fading onto your pillow or shirt. Once adhered, Gofybr stays in your hair until you decide to wash it out. In fact, we recommend you apply Gofybr on freshly washed and sufficiently dried hair for best hold.


Absolutely. Gofybr has changed the lives of thousands of people around the globe! A unisex product, it can be worn by men and women - it’s suitable for anyone experiencing any type of thinning hair, for any reason.

Job interview? First date? Going out on the town? Regular day, but you want to look and feel your best? Simply apply Gofybr. It’s like confidence in a bottle.

What is Gossypium Herbaceum?

Gossypium Herbaceum is a plant based fiber that closely resembles real human hair, thus making it the perfect ingredient for the Gofybr product range & is highly effective in helping to volumise thinning or dull looking hair.

How is it processed?

Gofybr is made from 100% Organic Gossypium Herbaceum & through sustainable methods of crop cultivation & harvesting, each individual module of cotton is hand picked to ensure only the highest grade ingredients make it into every bottle of Gofybr.

How does it work?

Gofybr is simply sprinkled on to the required area of the scalp and the micro fibers naturally bind to existing hair follicles adding instant volume and thickness to the scalp.

Does Gofybr re-grow your hair?

No, Gofybr acts as a volumizer for miniaturised hair strands by attaching to existing hair to build volume & coverage. Gofybr does not address hair loss at its root cause, but does offer an excellent remedy to the problem.

Is Gofybr kind to your scalp?

Gofybr is free of any harsh chemicals or irritant dyes & is designed to be used daily.

Water Resistant Colours

Gofybr stays in place all day even through wind, rain or perspiration. No one will know you're using Gofybr unless you tell them. With 10 natural colours, Gofybr effortlessly matches in with your natural hair colour. Even in the most trying conditions, Gofybr doesn't run in rain or with perspiration. Simply wash out Gofybr with shampoo to remove.

How to apply Gofybr

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Step: 1

Wash & dry hair thoroughly before applying Gofybr.

Step: 2

After your hair is completely dry, simply shake Gofybr liberally over thinning areas of the scalp.

Step: 3

Ensure all areas are adequately covered & gently pat the fibers into place.

Step: 4

Apply Fiberhold spray (optional) to create an additional bond.


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