My Hair Loss Story

By James Crowley - Co-founder of Gofybr

My journey began back just after my 26th birthday.  In a year’s time, I was getting married but at this rate I would be bald when I walked up the aisle. The reality of losing my hair finally sunk in. Every day more hair fell out and it was getting worse by the week. I didn’t know what to do. My father, uncles and just about every male member of my family had lost their hair at some point in their life.

Hair loss is a reality that most men face at some point, women too sometimes, but it was hard to cope with such a rapid change in my appearance. The very image of who I was as a person changed before my very eyes. My self-esteem plummeted and I was self-conscious around people I used to spend time with. 

But this was just the start of it all. Fast forward 3 years and I had already lost 3 inches off my hairline and my crown was in a terrible state. For some men, shaving their head is an option, but not for me. So I decided to have my hair cut short  and make the most of what I had left, at least in the short term. But every morning waking up and looking at myself in the mirror was a constant reminder that no-one would understand unless they too had experienced hair loss for themselves. 

By this point I had tried all the available products on the market. I remember becoming very sceptical about the promised results and ended up spending lots of money testing all the available lotions and potions.

Knowing how I once looked with a full head of hair, I wasn't ready to sit back and accept the reality of losing my hair as being my permanent condition. Inevitably I decided to undergo my first hair transplant procedure and initially I was reasonably pleased with the results. I ended up spending some time as a patient consultant for several hair transplant clinics due to my knowledge of the surgery. I would advise patients regarding the procedure and help them make a more informed decision before undergoing the operation themselves.

I heard so many patient stories of how hair loss had effected their performance at work, in their social life and in their private life.  When you lose your hair you can easily find yourself the butt of other people’s jokes. Many patients told of experiencing low self-esteem, anxiety & even depression.

“Hair loss in males is also associated with depression, low self-esteem, introversion and feelings of unattractiveness”
- (A study by Wells, Willmoth & Russell, 1995)

Two years after my first hair transplant and I underwent a second procedure. I soon discovered  the true limitations of a hair transplant procedure. After every procedure there is a long wait of 6-9 months for the new hair follicles to fully grow and develop. During this period patients can experience further loss of their own hair. Most people are unaware that hair transplant surgery may have to be repeated several times to achieve the desired results, not to mention the astronomical cost involved.

Here’s a video of my thinning hair after two hair transplants. 

Although for a short  time my hair looked fairly normal, I soon started to experience further hair loss and ended up pretty much back where I started. The other surprise with hair transplant surgery is that you never achieve the same thickness as your natural hair, in fact at best, it’s only just over half the thickness or density of a normal head of hair. Transplanted hair can still appear very thin and patchy, it’s not always a successful solution for everybody.

Sometimes in life you need to experience a little hardship to finally find your breakthrough to the problem. They say; “There’s no rainbow without the rain” and I finally came to understand my cloud had a silver lining! 

I set out on a quest to develop a hair loss product that actually delivered results. Together with my fellow co-founders (not to mention fellow hair loss sufferers) we began the process of testing various different bases materials to form Gofybr. We finally settled with a variant of natural cotton as our main ingredient; Gossipiyum herbeceum. Gossipiyum herbeceum is one of the finest and highest grade fibers in the world today! It naturally resembles real human hair, making it virtually impossible to detect once applied. Moreover with its "breathable" structure it allows your hair and scalp to breathe freely through the fibers, rather than smothering it like other conventional wool based products, which can cause your hair to become itchy and even lead to further hair loss!

Gofybr was created as an alternative to all the inadequate, half-baked products out there on the market, products that either don't look very natural or even worse, have serious side effects associated with taking the medication. I wanted to offer a product that would instantly give a person back their self-confidence, that wouldn’t cost the earth, but would be something everyone could afford to use.

 “Gofybr is made from 100% natural cotton fibers, it has no side effects, only primary effects; Confidence!”

For many, hair loss can be a limiting experience and it often prevents individuals from realising their full potential in life! Although Gofybr doesn't cure hair loss at its root cause, it does offer an excellent remedy to the problem by boosting confidence and creating a very natural appearance of a full head of hair.

I personally understand how difficult it is to experience hair loss and how important it is to feel on top of your game. Through the course of life we experience many ups and downs and sometimes having that little bit of extra coverage on top, can make all the difference!

”We believe happy heads make for happy individuals.”

One of the most gratifying aspects of creating Gofybr as a solution for hair loss sufferers has been the life-changing impact it has made to people’s lives. We really didn't appreciate what a difference it would make until we started to receive hundreds of endearing messages from our customers thanking us for creating such a wonderful product. The difference Gofybr has made to so many lives has truly been amazing and very touching to be a part of! I feel honoured to have helped in a small but meaningful way to every personal journey.

Every message we receive from Gofybr users encourages us to continue spreading the word far and wide and help as many people as we can, to live confidently and free themselves from the worry of hair loss.

Customers messages;

Quote: "I love the confidence Gofybr gives me. I was burned as an infant and suffered third degree burns to 35% of my body - including my scalp. My bald spots have always bothered me and as I get older and my hair thins, it is harder to camouflage. I had hair transplants as a child, yet they are thinning as well. Having had surgeries most of my life and not wanting more, I was excited to be turned on to your product."


Quote: "My experience of using Gofybr is amazing, as I have got my confidence back after using Gofybr. This magical product has changed my life very positively, as now I am a better human being, better employee and a very good family person. “


Quote: "I've spent years feeling insecure about my hair loss, wearing hats and doing all I could to hide my head from the world.  This product has given me the confidence to go out again without fear of people looking at my hair and thinking less of me.  Thank you for helping restore my sense of personal pride and giving me the opportunity to feel normal again!  I'm incredibly blessed to have found such a wonderful product!"


All the team here at Gofybr are daily users of the product and wouldn't leave the house without it. We wish to help as many people as we can to continue to grow and live their life to the full!

To your success

James Crowley
Gofybr co-founder